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Organic Dried Golden Los Angeles Mall Berries 1 Pound - Raw Kosher Ve Reservation Non-GMO

Organic Dried Golden Berries, 1 Pound - Non-GMO, Kosher, Raw, Ve


Organic Dried Golden Berries, 1 Pound - Non-GMO, Kosher, Raw, Ve


Product Description

​Food to Live: Eat Well and Be Healthy

Food to Live is a company committed to making people healthier by providing them with delicious, healthy food. We established this business with a purpose of making a change that would take our world one step closer to being a better place for us and our children.

Food to Live delivers a variety of natural, organic and raw foods that can enable anyone to develop healthy eating habits. All our products can be included into a vegan diet.

What Are Golden Berries and Where They Come From

The fruits we call golden berries (or goldenberries) in America is the same thing that the people of Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa call Cape gooseberry. It’s a fruit of the plant called Physalis Peruviana. As its name states, it originates from Peru, and South American countries are the main producers of golden berries available on the market today.

Physalis is a part of the Nightshade family of plants and looks quite attractive, which prompts many people to grow it in their gardens. The fruits of the golden berries plant are hidden within a soft protective husk (calyx) and resemble cherry tomatoes (albeit yellow-orange in color) when harvested. The husk extends the shelf life of the fresh fruit to about 30-40 days. Once it’s removed, golden berries keep as well as raw tomatoes, unless they are dehydrated.

Food To Live Dried Golden Berries for Everyone

Food To Live Organic Dried Golden Berries come from responsible and trustworthy farmers who don’t use any dangerous agricultural practices. We screen all our sources carefully and process the fruits at an organic facility.

Our Dried Golden Berries don’t contain any additives that can affect their nutritional value negatively. They are GMO-free and perfectly safe for culinary use. You can eat them from the pack as a snack or include in a variety of recipes.

Golden Berries: Taste

Taste is the second reason that sets dried golden berries apart from other similar products. The first is their higher nutritional value. When goldenberries are ripe and raw, they taste quite sweet with a bit of a bitter tang. The flavor is quite exotic, which isn’t surprising as the plant comes from the high-altitude tropical lands of Peru.

Once dried, golden berries turn mildly tart. The taste might take some getting used to but this fruit makes a good choice if you want to expand your palate. Unlike other dried berries, physalis fruits contain very little sugar. Therefore, if you want to use them in sweet recipes, like granolas or smoothies, you’ll have to combine them with lots of sweet fruits, honey, or agave syrup.

In their natural state, dried golden berries taste well in vegetable salads and stir-fries.

Tips for Storing Dried Golden Berries

You can buy Dried Golden Berries in bulk as they keep extremely well, so you’ll be able to use a single pack for months. Like all other dried berries, these fruits don’t really spoil unless they go moldy. To prevent this, keep them in a dry place inside an airtight container.

Even when stored in a pantry or kitchen cupboard, Food To Live Organic Dried Golden Berries will last for well over 6 months. You can extend their shelf life if you keep the package in a fridge. Freezing an unopened package of dried fruits allows for indefinite storage if you manage to maintain a stable temperature.

Golden Berries: Benefits

Golden berries are so good for you, they officially qualify as one of the ‘nutrient dense superfoods’. This means that eating them is a smart idea for everyone.

Dried golden berries contain large amounts of dietary fiber, pectin in particular. Dietary fiber is also an essential component for the process of natural detox.

Dried Golden Berries: Calories

Fresh golden berries are extremely low on calories (53 calories per 3.5 ounces). Of course, this count gets a bit higher when the fruits are dried because of the drastic changes in their mass. A cup of dried golden berries equals over two cups of fresh fruits. Keep this in mind when designing your weight management menu.

The important thing is that the calories in dried golden berries don’t come from sugar and fats, but from nutrients instead. It’s essential to know that even compared to other dried berries, goldenberry has higher levels of proteins and vitamin A. Therefore, they offer an even higher value for the calories you consume.

Are Golden Berries Safe?

Organic Dried Golden Berries from Food To Live are free from any toxins and other dangerous chemicals.  Dried golden berries are considered a safe food for anyone because they don’t contain any dangerous compounds.

Fresh golden berries, on the other hand, can be quite dangerous, so you should never go harvesting them in the wild. When unripe, the fruits can turn toxic to humans and animals alike. Keep this in mind if you have the beautiful golden berries plants growing on your property and have kids or pets that might snack on them when unsupervised.

Golden Berries: Fresh Vs. Dried

The nutritional value of golden berries changes a little when they undergo the dehydration process. The amount of vitamins A and C in the fruits reduces a little because these chemicals turn unstable when heated. However, the goldenberries contain so much of them that they remain highly nutritious even when dehydrated.

Nutritional Value of Dried Golden Berries

Dried golden berries are so good for you because they are full of essential vitamins and minerals, while being naturally low on fats. Like all orange and yellow fruits out there, golden berries are full of vitamin A. Dried golden berries also contain lots of vitamin C and iron. This fruit also contains a variety of B vitamins.

In terms of minerals, dried golden berries make an exceptionally good source of iron, calcium, and phosphorus.

Bioflavonoids and Their Benefits

One of the main reasons that make goldenberries so amazing is their high content of bioflavonoids. They are extremely potent antioxidants, so they are great for you by default.

It’s bioflavonoids that are responsible for the beneficial effects of many plants, including citruses, golden berries, grapes, and even green tea. Researchers the world over are currently studying ways to harness this power and create flavonoid concentrates.

Golden Berries in a Vegan Diet

Their high content of iron as well as calcium makes golden berries indispensable for a vegan diet. Note that these are the minerals that are usually lacking even in omnivores, so this snack is good for everyone.

Vegans, as well as bodybuilders, would also be happy to learn that dried golden berries are a valuable source of protein. Unlike the amino acids one gets from meat, the ones offered by these dried berries are easy to process, so you can actually utilize all the protein you get from them.

Another reason why dried golden berries are a fantastic ingredient for a vegan diet is the fact that they can enrich the flavor of vegetable dishes. You’ll only need to add a few berries to make your avocado salad taste absolutely delicious. This can help you avoid using some heavier seasonings.

Dried Golden Berries: How to Eat

Due to their rich and mildly tart flavor, dried golden berries can be included in a variety of recipes. They go particularly well with avocado, cucumbers, and tofu. 

The best way to go is to let them soak in the seasoning for about 15 minutes before mixing all the salad ingredients together. 

Food To Live Organic Dried Golden Berries are a great addition to any smoothie. Their flavor mixes well with lime juice and ginger. You can add some nut milk or ice as well as bits of pineapple and papaya to make a particularly invigorating low-calorie beverage. 

Like any other dried fruits, goldenberries can be added to your favorite granola recipe. You can also mix them with figs, dried apricots, and various nuts and seeds.

Golden Berries Recipe for a Sunny Jam


  • 3.5 ounces dried golden berries
  • 0.5 ounces fresh ginger (peeled and sliced)
  • ½ vanilla bean
  • 3 tablespoons lime juice (freshly squeezed)
  • ¾ cup gelling sugar
  • 1 cup water (for soaking)
  1. Soak dried golden berries overnight. Quarter them prior to soaking.
  2. Strain the berries and process them in a blender.
  3. Mix the goldenberry puree with the rest of the ingredients in a pan. Cut open and scrape the vanilla bean before adding both the pod and pulp to the mix. Leave for 15 minutes.
  4. Bring the mixture to a boil and let simmer for 4-5 minutes. Keep stirring so it doesn’t stick to the pan.
  5. Remove ginger slices and pieces of vanilla bean from the mix, as well as any foam that forms over the jam.
  6. Pour the golden berry jam into clean twist-off jars and turn them bottom up. Leave for 5 minutes then turn over and let them cool naturally.
This jam can last for several months if the lids are tight and you store it in a cool dark place. The fridge would be best, but before you open the jar, you can leave it in a pantry.

About Brand

​Healthy Snacks for Everyone

At Food to Live, we offer a wide range of products that aims to meet every person’s needs and tastes. Some of our product lines are dedicated to raw foods that can replace unhealthy junk food we are so used to snacking on in the middle of the day.

With our delicious raw nuts and seeds, as well as dried fruits, you can turn your quick snack into a real power boost that will charge you with essential nutrients. It will help you get into a good mood as not only are these things delicious.

Delicious amp; Nutritious Seeds, Legumes, and Spices

Food to Live caters to everyone who wants to add healthy products to any of their meals. Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, or an omnivore, our seeds and legumes would fit right into your daily menu.

The wide selection of Food to Live spices would help you add some flavor to any dish. Experiment with them to promote the growth and development of your culinary talent.

Superfoods for the Extra Healthy Boost

More and more people in America discover the benefits of superfoods, which are both delicious and extremely good for you. Food to Live offers a selection of these products that you can incorporate into your diet easily.

Whether you are seeking an extra boost of protein from hemp seeds or fiber and omega fatty acids from chia seeds, we have it all. We understand that weight management is currently a major problem in America and offer products that would help you gain control over your body shape.

Organic Dried Golden Berries, 1 Pound - Non-GMO, Kosher, Raw, Ve